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We often get asked what equipment students needs when they embark on their flight training journey. To make things easier we have compiled a short list of essential equipment that will make your training much easier. All of these items can be purchased from our online shop and can be either shipped to you or you can collect them from the flying school at your next visit.

On initial start of the course:

  • Log book

  • Microlight Pilot Handbook

  • Skyway Code

  • NPPL syllabus

  • Knee board

  • Knee board log sheets

  • BMAA Student membership

Before starting navigation training:

  • CAA Sheet 5 chart

  • Navigation protractor

  • Navigation rule

All students and PPLs are required to purchase their own personal headset. These can be ordered from Mendelssohns Pilot Supplies.

We recommend the David Clark H10-13.4.

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