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Barton Aerodrome

Mainair Flying School is based at Barton Aerodrome just 5 miles from Manchester city centre and a two minute drive from Junction 11 of the M60.

We have a very close working relationship with all at Barton Aerodrome which leads us to participate in a number of training exercises, activities and training videos with them.

The airport is an ideal training location offering a wide variety of traffic and aircraft types that we have to share the busy skies with ranging from other microlights, light aircraft, small helicopters, large private helicopters and also emergency services flights that are sometimes operating on life saving missions. This helps students develop excellent decision making, risk assessment skills and airmanship. The grass runways also allow pilots to develop skills that will allow them to land on short and sometimes soft runways. It is often said, "If you can land at Barton, you can land anywhere!"

Your friends and family can also watch you take off and land whilst you are on your lessons as there is a public viewing balcony on the Grade 2 listed control tower which is widely believed to be the oldest continually operating control tower in the UK and possibly Europe. Parking is free, as is the use of the balcony so there are no costs to the general public for visiting the airport.

Snacks and refreshments, including hot drinks are served in the control tower reception. The gardens and children's play area at the VG Bar and Grill are open to the public. A viewing mound with picnic benches is also available close the car park and overlooks a number of the concrete helipads where pleasure flights routinely take place.

The airport also has a fantastic community with many staff members and pilots routinely gathering in the onsite bar and grill for a bite to eat and a cup of tea. There are also a number of safety evenings which are held either on site or close by in the AJ Bell Stadium. These evenings aim to bring pilots from all around the region together to discuss safety matters and also learn a thing or two along the way. These are very well attended and Barton Aerodrome held the record for the largest attendance at a GASCo Safety Evening back in 2013.

City Airport and Heliport Barton Aerodrome
Ikarus C42 and Control Tower City Airport

There really is no better place to learn to fly. Flying is a hobby that the whole family can enjoy, even from the ground and the thrill of having your family and friends look on from the public viewing areas as you take to the skies on your first solo is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you're thinking about flying into Barton please visit their website to view the local procedures.

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