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In addition to the minimum required flight time the holder must have completed the following:

  • At least 12 take offs and landings,

  • A minimum of 1 hour flight training with an instructor entitled to give flight instruction on a microlight aircraft.

All of the above must have been completed within the currency period of the existing certificate. If your rating has expired then please take a look at our Expired Licenses and Ratings page.

The licence must be signed in the validity period of the existing Certificate of Revalidation and cannot be signed after this date or be backdated by an examiner.

The licence can be signed at any time in the second year providing that all of the above has been carried out.

Before carrying a passenger a pilot must have carried out at least three take offs and landings in the previous 90 days.

When it comes to flying aeroplanes it is very important that you keep well practiced. In order to this there are criteria which must be met. These include a minimum number of hours to fly, a minimum number of take offs and landings and some time flying with an instructor.

The minimum time required for revalidation of a microlight class rating when included in an NPPL is 12 hours within the validity period of the existing Certificate of Revalidaiton. For example, if your revalidation took place in February 2017 you must have completed 12 hours flying before the validation expires.

Of the 12 hours at least 6 must have been within 12 months preceding the validity expiry date and at least 8 hours must have been as Pilot in Command (PIC).

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