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Flight Instructor, Ground and Flight Examiner, Flight Instructor Examiner, Radio Telephony Examiner, BMAA and LAA Test Pilot

Chris started learning to fly at Barton in 1987 and gained his PPL on Light aircraft in 1989. In 1996 he gained his instructor rating on microlights and in 1997 started full time instructing. In 2003 Chris took over Mainair Flying School.

Chris can be contacted on 07721 682 184

Favourite aircraft of all time

Ikarus C42

Favourite meal

Fish and chips

Favourite film

Ice Station Zebra

How does Chris like his tea?

Warm milk threatened with a tea bag with two sugars to boot.


Flight Instructor, Ground and Flight Examiner

Marcus started flying paragliders in the mid 90’s, moving on to flexwing microlights in 2001. The lure of fixed wing comfort soon followed and since then Marcus has owned and/or flown most fixed wing microlight types. When not working Marcus enjoys riding his Ducati motorbike.

Favourite aircraft of all time

Pitts S1-S Special

Favourite meal

Chicken Tikka Balti Jalfrezi with a pint of Cobra

Favourite film

The Matrix

How does Marcus like his tea?

Very strong so that a spoon can stand up in it



Wife of Chris Copple, Mary assists with the general administration of the Flying School. Mary gained her NPPL in 2003 and has flown the Thruster T600N, T300, Ikarus C42, Flight Design CTSW and the EV97 Eurostar.

Favourite aircraft of all time


Favourite meal

Potato hash with red cabbage and a bread roll

Favourite film

Forrest Gump

How does Mary like her tea?

Medium tea with milk and no sugar


Flight Instructor

Tony started his flying career in 1977 by jumping out of aircraft. He became a member of the Herefordshire sky diving team (Shobdon) and often conducted displays in the summer months. In 1985 Tony gained his PPL licence and then gained his full instructors rating in 1998. Tony enjoys playing squash and is a keen chess player.

Favourite aircraft of all time


Favourite meal

Greek Meze

Favourite film


How does Tony like his tea?

Weak tea with milk


Flight Instructor and FRTOL Examiner

David has been flying with Mainair since 2011 when he started taking lessons on our Ikarus C42. After gaining his licence he went on to become and FRTOL and Flight Instructor with us.

David has previously worked in the control tower at Manchester Airport for NATS as an Operations Assistant and was also an Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer in the tower at City Airport (Barton). He currently works at the UK Civil Aviation Authority specialising in airspace safety and instructs with us on weekends.

Favourite aircraft of all time

Lockheed Super Constellation

Favourite meal

Anything Italian

Favourite film

It's not a film but I love the series 1923 on Paramount+

How does David like his tea?

Waiting for him when he lands!


Site Security

Popeye joined Mainair in August 2017 as our site security. He doesn't demand much apart from a warm bed, food, drink, lots of stroking and constant attention from Chris. He can often be found standing guard outside the classroom or sleeping in his bed outside the office.

Favourite aircraft of all time


Favourite meal

Fish or meat in jelly or gravy

Favourite film

Top Cat

How does Popeye like his tea?

No tea, no milk, just water.

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