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Advanced NPPL Training 'FARM STRIPS'

Learn to fly into farm strips safely including land aways from a choice of strips. You will receive ground school appreciation of the subject. This is an advanced course therefore you must have an unrestricted NPPL minimum.

Advanced NPPL Cross Country

This new addition has been introduced to stretch the boundary's of the new Licence holder enabling them to study , plan & fly a cross country flight to another Airfield using all the skills taught during their course including a diversion & negotiating Airspace, this exercise will include a 'Land Away' other than the one's used during your training.

Advanced NPPL Training 'LONG NAV EX'

We have introduced this exercise for new or recently renewed PPL holders to enable them to stretch their competency to complete a Land Away Navigatioon exercise in excess of 100nm each way, enabling you to plan, negotiate Airspace , Diversion & follow a detailed PLOG prices include extensive pre flight brief, fuel & landing fee's, typically the Airfields we consider are Caernarfon , Staverton or Wellesbourne Mountford, we can also arrange longer distance trips to Calais , Le Touquet , Isle of Man or to the beautiful Western Isles of Scotland...... Prices on application , although they start as little as.

SRA (Surveillance Radar Approach)

Learn to Fly into an Airfield using the SRA technique simulating a bad weather let down with a limited panel of instruments assuming Compass failure & No Gyro Aids.

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