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Radio Telephony

Radio Telephony is a fundamental part of learning to fly and will help to ensure you stay safe in an aircraft. Not only will allow you to remain safe it will also open up a lot of doors in terms of your flying trips. Being able to safely and efficiently use the radio in a busy environment will mean you will be able to visit that airport that you've always dreamed of landing at and will allow you to do it with maximum confidence and efficiency.

Using correct phraseology can help you gain access to busy airspace such as over Manchester International Airport!

What do I need to do to gain an RT Licence?

Candidates are required to pass 2 exams in order to gain a Radio Telephony Licence.

The first is a written multi-choice exam consisting of 12 questions. The pass mark is 75%. The maximum time for this exam is 20 minutes. This exam must be passed first before the practical exam is taken. Candidates must be familiar with the Radio Telephony Manual CAP 413 of which the written exam is based.

The second exam is a practical test which is carried out in a radio simulator of which the candidate is to fly a simulated route giving the appropriate calls at the appropriate time.

Candidates must be familiar with how to do the following calls:

  • Initial call on the ground and reply
  • Initial call in the air and the reply
  • Position reports
  • Direction finding call
  • Route clearance
  • Conditional clearance
  • Emergency calls
  • Transponder procedures

Where will I be taught RT?

All of our groundschool takes place in our modern purpose built classrooms on site and will be taught by our team of highly experienced instructors. RT can either be taught on a one-to-one basis or in a group class. These group classes usually take place one evening a week over a six week period and are charged at £205.00 including both exams. RT lessons on a one-to-one basis are charged at the standard ground school rate of £36 an hour plus a fee of £36 for the theory exam and £95 for the practical exam. These can be booked in advance by phoning the flying school.

Of course, if at any point you decide that you'd like to refresh your knowledge and would like to spend an hour or two discussing any specific aspects of RT you can always book in with us.

Radio Telephony Manual CAP 413 can be downloaded by clicking here.