John o' Groats to Lands End & Back

John o' Groats to Lands End and back to John o' Groats in 1 day

In 2005 Chris Copple flying an Ikarus C42 and Mark Jackson flying a flexwing Pegasus Quik took off from Wick Airport at 3.40am and headed North to John o Groats then turned and headed South.

They landed at Barton at 8.15am where the aircraft were refueled. Taking off again and heading South they cross the Bristol Channel at Porthcawl at 9000 feet before heading South West and descending towards Lands End and landing at St Just airfield near Lands End at 12.15pm.

The aircraft were refuelled again and then headed back to Barton and landing at 16.00. The aircraft were refuelled again and then heading North towards John o Groats. After turning again at John o Groats they headed South landing at Wick Airport at 20.15 in the evening.

Total flight time was 16 hours and approximately 1200 miles were covered in 1 day.