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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How many hours of training are there in the NPPL(M) syllabus?
A The course consists of a minimum of 25 hours plus tests as set out here.

Q Can I cover the whole NPPL(M) syllabus at Mainair?
A Yes we have a team of instructors, examiners and a Radio Examiner.

Q Can I fly abroad with my NPPL(M) licence?
A Yes with permission. More details here.

Q Can I fly at night?
A No, microlights are not permitted to fly at night.

Q Can I do aerobatics in a microlight?
A No, microlights are not permitted to do aerobatics.

Q What is the range of a typical microlight?
A Between 400-500 miles in still air depending on the aircraft type.

Q How fast can a microlight travel?
A A typical cruise speed for a microlight is between 90 to 100 mph.

Q Can I hire an aircraft once I have gained my licence?
A Yes, here at Mainair we have an unbeatable PPL hire scheme.

Q Do you provide groundschool courses so I can complete my exams?
A Yes, we offer extensive one to one or group evening classes which prove very popular.

Q Where can I get my flight school equipment?
A We can provide you with everything you need from pencils to GPS's & headsets. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to quote. We also do NPPL starter packs.

Q What type of aircraft do you have?
A Here at Mainair we currently operate 2 x Ikarus C42's & 2 x Eurostar EV97's.

Q Do I get charged from the moment I get in the aircraft
A No, at Mainair you only get charged for your time in the air! This is unique as we do not charge for taxi time like many other flying schools do.

Q What is the difference between flying light aircraft compared to a      microlight.
A Unless you intend to fly professionally or carry more than one passenger you will find very little apart from a big difference in your bank account.
Microlight flying is a more cost effective way of enjoying your hobby.

Q How old do you have to be to learn to fly?
A From the age of 14 you can log hours towards your licence, from the age of 16 you can fly solo, from the age of 17 you can apply for your licence. There is no upper age limit.

Q What are the Medical requirements to learn to Fly
A The Medical requirements are based on the DVLA Driving Medical standards more details can be found here.