Add a microlight rating to your licence and enjoy twice the flying for your money

Converting from Light Aircraft

Adding a microlight rating to your licence is easier than you may think.

Why microlights?

1) They are very economical to run,

2) They are quieter,

3) Most microlights are very modern and reliable.

If you fly for pleasure then flying a microlight makes the most sense. We operate two Eurostars and two Ikarus C42's powered by the tried & tested highly thought of ROTAX 912 engine.

Our modern fleet represent real value, running on an average of 12 litres of MOGAS per hour and holding 65 litres. All of our fleet are fitted with Garmin & iPad mounts allowing you to have your moving map in the cockpit.


Conversion usually takes a minimum of 3 flying hours. The cost is at our regular training rate of £123.00 per hour.

Once Converted

We have a PPL rental scheme where you pay a subscription of £35.00 per month and then you can hire for £66.00 per hour including fuel. YES you read correctly £66.00 per hour including fuel and VAT & one landing fee at Barton.

Our aircraft can be booked online using your laptop, tablet or smartphone using our Airchunk system meaning you can book any time, anywhere.

So contact us today to arrange a conversion over to a microlight at Mainair.