Barton to Roskilde, Denmark

In June 2010 Chris and Mary flew a CTSW microlight to Roskilde near Copenhagen.

Taking off at 8.15 they flew down to the South coast and crossed the English Channel to Cap Gris Nez. Flying North East the plan was to fly into Midden Zeeland in the Netherlands, but low cloud near Ostende forced them to turn back and divert into Calais.

After waiting for an hour the weather improved and taking off again they flew for 1 hour and landed at Midden Zeeland where the aircraft was refueled.

After departing Midden Zeeland they flew through Germany towards Denmark and landed at Roskilde near Copenhagen.

The next day they departed Roskilde and flew down through Germany and Holland into Midden Zeeland.

After refueling again they departed at 16.00 and flew past Ostende and Calais and then crossed the coast heading towards the west of Dover.

After heading North they flew over Stapleford and between Luton and Stanstead airports and landing at Barton at 19.00.