Hire from £69 per hour including landing fee

PPL Aircraft Hire

All of our aircraft are available to hire at extremely competitive rates.

We boast one of the best and lowest cost hire schemes available allowing you to fly our Eurostar or Ikarus aircraft for as little as £35 per month and £69 per hour including fuel and one landing fee at City Airport Barton. Unlike other schools, not only do you pay one of the lowest PPL hire rates in the UK, you also only pay for the time you spend in the air and not taxi time so an hours flying really is an hours flying.

You can book an aircraft using our Airchunk online booking system meaning you can check aircraft availability from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet and even submit a booking request at any time of the day or night.

Many PPL hirers have been on exciting trips in our aircraft including a trip around France and also a day trip to the Isle of Man to visit friends and family. Details of some of these trips can be found on our Recent Trips page and also on our Videos page.

Approaching the Isle of Man on a recent day trip.

To sign up to the scheme please contact the flying school either by phone, email or in person.

Lancashire Aero Club

Pilots who hire aircraft from Mainair and who are members of Lancashire Aero Club may also apply for a £10 per hour subsidy for up to two hours per month. If you are not already a member then please ask for a membership form from Mainair. You can also visit the Lancashire Aero Club website for further details.

Also, pilots who are members of LAC may also get free landings at other popular airfields including Caernarfon, Sleap, Bagby, Shobdon, Tatenhill and many others.

The membership year starts on June 30th. New members joining before that date will be charged a pro rata amount.