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What is a Microlight?

A microlight is almost identical to any other type of aeroplane. In short, a microlight is restricted to two seats, must way around 265kg when empty and must be able to fly at a slow speed. Most microlight have a maximum take off weight of 450kg which is around half the weight of a Fiat 500. This makes them very capable aircraft which are also very economical. All microlights are restricted to day time visual flight only.

There are two main common types of microlight. The first is the 3-axis microlight which look and perform just like a conventional aeroplane.

The second type is a flexwing microlight which consists of a trike attached to a delta wing commonly seen on hang gliders. Our sister school Mainair Microlight Centre operate a Quik  flexwing microlight.

For more information on microlights please visit the BMAA website.

Mainair operate a total of five 3-axis microlight aircraft including three Ikarus C42's and two EV-97 Eurostar's


The Ikarus C42 is a modern two seat microlight that is setting new standards in comfort and handling. 
The Ikarus C42 offers superior handling characteristics, a wide cockpit and state of the art instrumentation. Mainair operate three Ikarus C42's. Click here to read a flight test report on the Ikarus C42.

Engine              Rotax 912 80hp

Cruise speed      80 knots

Max speed         121 knots

Fuel capacity     65 litres

Fuel burn          13 litres/hour



The Eurostar is a low wing all metal microlight.With good all round visibility and excellent handling characteristics. With a cruise speed of 90 mph and a 65 litre fuel tank this is an ideal touring and training aircraft. Mainair operate two EV-97 Eurostar's. Click here to read a flight test report on the Eurostar conducted by our CFI, Chris Copple.

Rotax              912 80hp

Cruise speed    90 mph

Max speed       146 mph

Fuel capacity   65 litres

Fuel burn        11 litres/hour