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Oct 19, 2016

Radio Telephony - Changes to our RT Procedures

The use of standard phraseology is an essential aid to flight safety. Recently, we reviewed our use of phraseology with the Air Traffic Service team at City Airport (Manchester Barton) and made a few small changes to our procedures to bring them in line with CAP 413.

Our main change is not waiting for the AFISO to say, "pass your message" if we are already in receipt of a service and have not left the frequency. Instead we now simply state our callsign, position, level and request.

Secondly, if you have left the frequency you should use the full initial call in the air and the reply with your request for "join" on the first part of the call. Once asked to, "pass your message" you should use the standard initial call in the air reply including your departure point and destination. This format should be used whether you are on a local flight or have landed away.

We will have a video from Touchdown Point soon showing this in a bit more detail, however if you have any question then feel free to ask or pop up to the tower and speak to one of the ATS team members.