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Jul 12, 2015

Warton Listening Squawk Introduced

Following a recent GA Safety Evening, where some pilots suggested the provision of a listening out squawk for Warton, a proposal was put to the CAA; this has been accepted and will be notified to the aviation community via CAA Information Notice for introduction on the 23rd July 2015.

However, unlike those established codes used to mitigate inadvertent penetration of controlled airspace, the Warton listening out squawk of 3660 can be used by pilots flying outside controlled airspace within 20nm of Warton and monitoring 129.525MHz, during Warton’s published opening times, who do not require a service.

A change to the text for the UK AIP ENR to reflect this will be introduced at the same time; the following are key points:


  • Selection of 3660 code (with Mode C if available) notifies Warton ATC that pilot is monitoring 129.525MHz but does not require a service.


  • Selection of the code does not imply the provision of any form of Air Traffic Service and does not prevent a pilot from requesting an Air Traffic Service at any time should they subsequently decide they require one.


  • Pilots remain responsible for their own navigation and, in particular, for obtaining permission to enter controlled airspace and Aerodrome Traffic Zones from the appropriate agency.


  • ATC may call pilot to seek his/her assistance in resolving conflictions, but pilot is not obliged to comply.  Controllers have been briefed not to over-control aircraft.