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Apr 28, 2015

Marcus Completes World Record Attempt

Mainair instructor Marcus Furniss recently completed his Guinness World Record attempt and the most take offs and landings in one hour.

Taking off from Runway 20, Marcus climbed to 1000ft before descending again and touching all three wheels in a small box painted on the runway. Completing this manouvere 36 times in one hour, Marcus has set a new Guinness World Record subject to verification.

The record attempt was in aid of North West Air Ambulance who provide a vital service to over 8 million people in the North West. Operating three EC135 helicopters, two of which are based at Barton, NWAA provide life saving support and speedy casualty transfer to the regions hospitals at a moments notice. In total, Marcus rasied over £1700 plus more than £350 in Gift Aid!

You can still donate by visiting the Just Giving page.