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Mar 23, 2015

Take Off & Landing World Record Attempt

In April 2015 at City Airport, Manchester, Mainair Flying Instructor Marcus Furniss will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most landings and take offs (know as touch and go's) in one hour, which currently stands at 30.

This attempt is in support of the North West Air Ambulance Charity who are not part of the NHS and are totally reliant on our donations. 

Whenever access is difficult or time is critical, from the mountains in Cumbria to the motorways in Manchester, specialist doctors and paramedics can be flown to the scene of serious emergencies within in minutes. The scope of medical emergency they encounter is vast but in every incident, time is critical. In such "€˜touch and go€™" situations, every second counts which is why the speed and accessibility of NWAAs helicopters makes the rapid emergency medical care they provide absolutely vital and in many cases life-changing.

We hope that this €˜touch and go€™ world record attempt will go some way towards raising funds and awareness of the vital service provided by NWAA. Anyone, of any age, anywhere may one day need their care. 

Please click on the Mainair Just Giving page link below and support the NWAA