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Jan 23, 2015

Radio Telephony Course Starting Thursday 5th February 2015

We will be starting a Radio Telephony group course from Thursday 5th February at 7pm that will run on every Thursday evening for 6 weeks.










Radio Telephony is an important part of flying and is often seen as one of the most difficult subjects to master. Our comprehensive course visits everything you need to know for flying a microlight anywhere in the UK and covers subjects such as phraseology, readback requirements, message formats, emergency procedures, VDF and the different services you can expect to ask for.

The course cost is £205 including both exams. You will need your own copy of CAP 413 Edition 21 which can be downloaded here.

The course is run by David Woodward who works in the tower at City Airport Barton and has also been flying from Barton since 2011.

You can register your interest by contacting the flying school.