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Feb 8, 2014

Mainair Awarded NATS Airspace Infringement Prevention Award

Mainair Flying School along with City Airport and Heliport has been awarded the NATS Airspace Prevention Award 2014.










The award follows on from our hard work to reduce the number of accidental airspace infringements by pilots operating in and around Manchester including producing a video of a simulated airspace infringement with City Airport and Heliport. The video highlights how using the Manchester listening squawk can allow a controller to quickly identify the infringing aircraft and give assistance to the pilot to get them back on track.

The video can be viewed here.

Jonathan Smith, NATS Infringements Lead said:

"There are a number of practical and low cost initiatives that can be introduced to mimimise the risk of infringements, just as City Airport and Mainair have done.

It’s great to be able to recognise their work in protecting their own pilots and those operating in controlled airspace."

Chris Copple, Chief Flying Instructor or Mainair Flying School added:

"We felt privileged working with NATS and City Airport in being able to help with efforts to reduce the number of airspace infringements. By teaching students and pilots awareness when flying close to controlled airspace and good navigation planning we can significantly reduce infringement numbers."